What is Home Insurance For?

Home Insurance is designed to protect your home – that means both the building itself and the things inside it. Home Insurance policies can differ significantly in what they offer. Most cover the physical building of your home against accidents and damage. They often also cover your possessions within the home. Home insurance can also cover the fixtures within your home, such as your bathroom or kitchen fittings.

Why Can’t I Use Regular Home Insurance?

Regular Home Insurance policies will not always cover everyone. This is because insurers set their own preferred risk profile, and may consider people with convictions to be outside that profile. Insurers often view people who have criminal convictions to be at a higher risk of claiming than their standard risk profile. As such, you might find it impossible to get a regular home insurance policy if you have convictions.

What do I Have to Do?

Insurance companies have to ask you if you have any criminal convictions when they go through a quote with you. This is a legal requirement. If you are asked this question, then you need to answer fully, and let us know what criminal convictions you might have. You might also need to answer questions about the potential convictions of everyone who lives at the property. If you don’t supply us with your criminal convictions, and we find this out later, your insurance could be invalidated.

What Counts as a Criminal Conviction?

Criminal Convictions can refer to anything – from a lengthy prison sentence to a minor fine. What is important is that you let us know about your ‘unspent’ convictions. This is as insurers do not need to know about ‘spent’ convictions.

Is My Conviction Spent?

Each type of conviction has a code. Every code has its own length of time for which it is considered unspent. You can check the lengths of time each code is considered unspent for. If your conviction has become spent, you don’t need to let us know about it.

When you need to get Criminal Conviction Home Insurance, you might find it hard. Some insurers might not be keen to cover you. Get in touch with Babal Karama Project Management Services, and let us make finding cover easy for you.