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When you own a thatched property, you might find it difficult to find insurance. This might be through no fault of your own – nor the property’s history. Insurers tend to see thatched properties as representing a higher risk than other roofing types. Despite the many ways that you can make your thatched property safer, insurers are likely to believe that it is too high a risk for them to want to cover. Thatched property insurance is specially designed to counter these higher risks.

At Babal Karama Project Management Services, we have years of experience of finding insurance policies for people who have otherwise struggled. Our thatched property insurance policies cover your home against the threats they might face – whether this is fire, flood, theft or damage.

We can also help protect you against the threat of losing out financially as a result of something happening to your thatched property. Our thatched property insurance can cover properties that you let out. This can cover you for loss of rent – or could be simply property owners liability.

Our thatched property insurance can even cover you if you have an adverse claims history. These policies are based on a higher risk profile to begin with. As a result, having a history of claims does not often prevent finding insurance in the way it might often otherwise do.

There are a few things that we are not able to cover under thatched property insurance. We can’t cover you for deterioration, or damage that you caused yourself.

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Thatched Property Insurance FAQs

How do I need to care for the property?

There are certain things that our insurers require you to do. Essentially, these boil down to having the property regularly inspected (especially if it is empty), having the chimney swept (if you have one), and properly maintaining the thatch.

What kinds of thatch do you cover?

We can cover all of the main types of thatch roofing material. These include: water reed, wheat reed, long straw and fibre.

Does my chimney need to be lined?

If you have an open fire, of any type, then you do need to have a lined chimney for insurers to quote for you.

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